Sometimes it’s the little things

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We all know that sometimes life is hard. Things just don’t seem to go our way no matter how much we work at them. A post from a person on the forum got me thinking about this. Not that I haven’t thought about it before but I didn’t realize that others felt the same. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

First though, let’s talk about the big things. Just some examples from my personal story but I would bet you have lots of your own. I recently retired which is a very good thing but I wasn’t prepared for the huge change in my life. For the first time my husband and I were together 24/7. Talk about an eye-opener! Then just recently I lost the insurance that had been paid by the job where I retired. It has been a real struggle to find other insurance; it costs a lot and doesn’t cover much. More recently that same insurance company has decided that my local sleep doctor and CPAP supply company are no longer in network. I have to find new ones and the closest are over 1 ½ hours away. These are some of the big things that make my life difficult.

However, sometimes it’s the little things. A letter is returned because I forgot to put a stamp on it. That new recipe that called for spices I had to go out and buy is dumped in the trash. The order I was so anxious to get is delayed. The post I worked so hard on for the forum didn’t post. I can’t find the ink pen that I really like to write with. I can’t download a book I can’t wait to read.

It can be the little things that get to us, especially when we are sleep deprived. So, I can’t find my special ink pen; I have lots of others that also write. But I want THAT one! My husband just shakes his head as I frantically look through drawers. Little things that shouldn’t matter at all can take on larger than life importance or disappointment. They tend to build up to mountainous size because we just can’t cope with one more them.

Stress can cause health issues like high blood pressure, headache, anxiety, lack of focus and depression. Guess what? Lack of sleep can cause these same things. According to many health sites, lack of sleep and stress can both cause you to look older. Another thing for me to stress and lose sleep over.

Some people find ideas for easing stress on-line. Some find a good therapist. Some turn to meditation, some to medication. For me, finding someone to listen while I vent helps the most. I am so blessed to have a couple of friends that do just that. Or distract me with shopping!

Forums like the one on this website can do the same. A good, well-run forum can be a place to ask questions, find answers and talk to others who have some of the same issues. I made life-long friends on a discussion forum for Restless Leg Syndrome years ago and we are still there for each other. One thing to remember, the people on forums are just people. Some come on and make a real difference, others ask a question and leave. When we come to the forum, we are all looking for something. It is a place where we learn that we aren’t alone.

I would be very interested in learning how you cope with the big and little things in your life. Getting rid of some of the stress might help us sleep better. And THAT, my friends, might help me look younger!

The same moon shines over us all.

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