Entire process of going from primary care physician to getting a cpap is taking more than 4 months. Is this normal?

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At the end of January I finally went to my primary care provider and asked him if I could get a prescription for a sleep study. He said no and that I had to go to an ENT first. Then the ENT concluded I had no obstruction so they sent me to a sleep clinic, and my insurance took a while to finally settle for me getting an at home kit rather than a sleep study on site. Then I had to do a follow up with the ENT with my results and low and behold I’m finally get a prescription for the thing I knew I needed 4 months prior.

Im finally on the last stretch waiting to see if my insurance will approve of an inlab fitting and if they deny it they’ll just cover an apap machine.

I’m not used to anything taking this long, is this normal for sleep apnea treatment in the US?

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